Happy 2018 from The HOPE!

Happy 2018 from The HOPE!

Hello and Happy New Year to you all,

We didn’t get a white Christmas in Bristol, but we did get a bit of snow a few days after. I hope that you all had a good break and enjoyed the snow.

We have some news about The HOPE staff team. Adam Glover, who was our KS2 Education Advocate, left at the end of last term. We will have a small gap whilst we replace him and I will let you know who the new KS2 Advocate will be as soon as I can.

We also have a new, temporary Deputy Headteacher joining us in February. His name is Nick Lawrence and he works at Redland Green School in Bristol. Nick is joining us until the end of this academic year to help focus on achievement. We all work hard with your teachers, carers and social workers to help you do the best you can in your education and Nick will bring extra expertise to support that work. We are really looking forward to having Nick as part of our team.

At the end of last term we had a really lovely evening when the prize giving event for The HOPE’s Mary Palmer Poetry Competition took place. We had more entries than ever – thank you to everyone who sent in a poem!  Thanks also to Adele Gardner, one of The HOPE governors, as the poetry competition was her idea and she always gives it her full attention; to Julie Rowell, who, along with Adele, judges the poems and provides the prizes every year, and to Katherine Juniper, The HOPE’s Inclusion & Participation Lead, who works very hard to make the event so successful and enjoyable.

I hope that the new term and the new year go well for you.

Rachael Pryor

The HOPE Headteacher

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