Latest news from The HOPE Virtual School

Latest news from The HOPE Virtual School


Here is a quick update on what The HOPE Virtual School is up to this term.

We now have a new, temporary Deputy Headteacher for Achievement in our team. Nick Lawrence is joining us until the end of this academic year to help focus on achievement. Nick will mostly be working with leaders in your school to look at ways of raising achievement for young people in care. Nick might ask your teachers if he can meet with you and discuss your ideas and aspirations so do please talk to him if you see him in your school.

Later this term we will be joined by our new KS2 Education Advocate, Leanne Bishop. Leanne starts on 12 March and we will then be back to being a full team!

If you are thinking of things to do, remember to check out the Activities page on the R-Voice website. It has some great ideas:

 Wishing you all a successful term.

 Rachael Pryor

The HOPE Headteacher

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