A new school year begins

A new school year begins


Welcome back to the start of another school year! I hope that you all enjoyed the Summer – what amazing weather we have had this Summer!

It was sunny and warm for the Fun Day and we really enjoyed seeing so many young people and carers all having a good time there. Thank you to everyone who took part in our Treasure Hunt.

The HOPE has a temporary change of staff to tell you about. Hattie, who lots of you in KS3 and KS4 will know, will be on maternity leave for most of this school year. With the help of Matthew, a young person’s rep on our recruitment panel, we have found Heather Beach who is covering Hattie’s post. Heather has been working in Bristol for a long time and has worked in primary and secondary schools so she knows lots of things about education and Bristol!

We have been keeping an eye on exam results over the summer and there are lots of good news stories for HOPE students which is great to know. We hope that you are pleased with your results.

September brings a lot of change for everyone. Most of you will have changed year group and lots of Y7’s will be in new schools. Just like a pair of new school shoes it might feel a bit strange or uncomfortable at first but I’m sure lots of people will be on hand if anything seems too tricky.  

If you need any advice about your education, do remember there are lots of people to help you. Don’t be afraid to speak to a member of  school staff, your carer and/or your social worker, or give us a call at The HOPE on 0117 90 36282.

I hope you settle in really well and have a fantastic term one! 

Rachael Pryor

The HOPE Headteacher

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