Term 4 at The HOPE

Term 4 at The HOPE

Hello everyone,

We’ve just had our half term, or term break, in Bristol and it flew past! So now here we are again and it’s already the start of term 4.

We have more news about The HOPE staff team this term. Our new Business Support Assistant starts on 9 March. Her name is Rachel and you may speak to her if you need to call the office. That means we have two people in The HOPE called Rachel. Luckily, they spell their names differently or we could all get very confused.  Welcome to Rachel!

You may remember that Hattie Billsberry, our KS3 Education Advocate, is on maternity leave at the moment. She came to visit us recently and brought her beautiful baby daughter with her. That was a very special treat! Hattie will be back at work at the end of May.

Heather Beach, who has been covering Hattie’s job, is going to leave at the end of this term to start a new job. Heather has been great and we thank her very much for all she has done for The HOPE, and, most importantly, for all of you in KS3 who have met her.

We have a very big change coming up this term – a new data system! That doesn’t sound very exciting but it is really important and getting ready for it has been keeping us all extremely busy. It will be one way that we can find out how you are all getting on in your education so we are looking forward to using the new system.

Finally for this time, have you had a praise postcard from The HOPE yet? We’d love to know what you thought about it if you have had one. We have just started giving them out when we hear about good things that you have done, so make sure we know about your successes, things that you have taken part in at school or college or anything you’re proud about.

I hope that you have a good term.

Rachael Pryor

The HOPE Headteacher

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