CiCC and Carrie Yates

CiCC and Carrie Yates

Yesterday at the CiCC WE talked about what young peolpe can do if they are worried, and how they would like adults to help them.

We also tried some new food, the chicken strips were mixed reviews!

Carrie Yates the person who manages the Independnt REviwing Officers who organise and chair the meeting you have at least every six months to check with you that the adults aer doing what they said they would do to help and support you. 

Carrie was our guest and she brought Strawberries! thaks Carrie.

She brought along and then chatted about it and what the team has been doing the last year. Each young personj managed to work out who was there IRO.

Petal then talked about food and sugested a bake off between the CiCC and the IRO's. SO next time CArrie comes to visit there is going to be a bake off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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