Term 2 is here!

Term 2 is here!

Hello and welcome to term 2!

It was a great pleasure for me to attend the EPIC awards recently and give out the award for “Amazing Learner”. So many fantastic young people were nominated for awards – so well done all. Two of my colleagues from The HOPE, Sue and Penny, attended the STARs awards and were really impressed with all the Care Leavers who had achieved so much in Business, Learning, Arts and Music and Sport and those who have led change, helped others and supported siblings.  Sue and Penny also enjoyed meeting Roni Size! 

I would like  to remind you that time is almost up to enter The HOPE’s Poetry Competition so, if you haven’t entered yet, please send your poem on the subject of ‘Climate Change’ to us by Friday 8th November. You’ll find all you need to know about the competition here.

Bristol City Council is taking part in the Coram Voice Bright Spots survey. The survey is for 4 year olds up to 18 year olds and asks questions about being in care and your feelings. The link to the survey is going to be sent to the designated teacher for children in care at your school/college this month and we are asking them to help you complete it, if you want any help. Please ask them about the survey if they don’t mention it to you.

This term we have a new Business Support Assistant at The HOPE. Her name is Aleks and you will probably speak to her if you call our office. We are all looking forward to making Aleks welcome.

I hope to see lots of you as prize winning poets at our prize evening later this term. Please get writing!

Rachael Pryor

The HOPE Headteacher

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