A fabulous poetry prize evening!

A fabulous poetry prize evening!


The HOPE hosted the Mary Palmer Prize for Poetry Competition award evening last night. It's one of our favourite times of the year!

It was great to see talented poets, both young people and their carers, receive recognition, read out their winning poems and collect their prizes. A huge thank you to everyone who entered the competition and a special well done to all our prize winners. Thanks too to Dan and Danny who made time to come to tell us how they got into poetry, perform one of their poems and give out prizes. We know that the audience really appreciated you giving up your time.

Finally, thanks to Adele, our HOPE governor, who started the Mary Palmer competition and continues to be a passionate champion for it, as well as being a very fair and hard working judge; to Leanne who worked so hard on organising the competition and last night's prize giving ceremony; and to Alison Hurley, Director Education & Skills; Ann James, Director Children & Families; Rachael Pryor, The HOPE Headteacher & Head of Service - Inclusive City; James Beardall, Head of Service - Permanency & Specialist Services for their time and for giving out prizes.

Look our for 2020's poetry competition next year!


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