Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to 2020!

Happy New Year to you all! Everyone at The HOPE wishes you a great 2020 and hopes that you have had a good break and that you are feeling ready to start 2020 feeling positive and upbeat.

2020 is a special year. Why? Well, there are several answers to that, but one reason is because it’s a Leap Year. Yes, we have 366 days in this year. It’s also the start of a new decade. One more fact for you; it’s the year that the Summer Olympics will take place in Japan. What other things do you know that will happen in 2020?

An important reminder: Bristol City Council is taking part in the Coram Voice Bright Spots survey. The survey is for 4 year olds up to 18 year olds and asks questions about being in care and your feelings. The link to the survey has been sent to the designated teacher for children in care at your school/college and we are asking them to help you complete it, if you want any help. Please ask them about the survey if they don’t mention it to you.

Finally for now, we are trying to make young people aware of the Child Trust Fund. If you were born in the United Kingdom between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011, you are very likely to have a trust fund.  It’s a pot of money that the Government put in an account for you personally, either via your parents/guardian or directly. This flyer tells you more about the Child Trust Fund and how to find out if you have one. Remember, this is money for you, so take a look to see if you have one.

Wishing you a happy term.

The HOPE staff team

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