It's Term 5... a bit of an odd one!

It's Term 5... a bit of an odd one!


So here we are in term 5. What's your term looking like? Hopefully you are at school if it's safe for you to be there.

Whether you're at school or at home, everyone at The HOPE hopes that you are all safe and keeping well. The HOPE staff team are all working at home. We are keeping in touch with your carers and talking to them about how things are going for you and for them.

What's the favourite thing that you are doing at the moment? Have you started a new activity? Have you done a piece of work you are really pleased with? We'd love to hear how things are for you. You can send a message by clicking on Get in Touch.

Everyone at The HOPE thinks about all of you a lot. We miss seeing you but we know that's how it has to be at the moment. It will be extra special to catch up with you all when this is over.

In the meantime, good luck with your school and college activities whether you are doing them at school, college or at home.

Look after yourselves.

The HOPE Virtual School Team

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