New school year begins

New school year begins

Hello everyone!

We hope that you had a good Summer and are now ready to begin the return to school and college. It's been a very strange six months or so but hopefully things will be at least a bit more normal this term. Everyone at The HOPE wishes you a safe and happy start to the new school year.

The HOPE has a few changes starting from today (1st September). First, we have a new team member, who will be working with some of you in Years 6 to 8. Her name is Rene Katiisa.

Second, quite a few of our Advocates are changing their job titles and some of the year groups they work with. They will still be supporting your education though; that very important thing will stay the same. You can see our staff list in our leaflet about The HOPE.

You can contact us if you have a question about your education by clicking on the Get in Touch heading.

Good luck for the new school year.

The HOPE Virtual School Team

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