2015 and 2016 dates for The HOPE Creative

2015 and 2016 dates for The HOPE Creative

There are loads of dates for The HOPE Creative project coming up. Why not check out the information below and give singing and other creative musical activities a go?

The HOPE Creative is a FREE to attend group for children and young people in care (from 7-18 years old) and their community. It allows you to explore singing and creative musical activities in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


What goes on?

You get a chance to:

·        collaborate with others and explore your artistic side

·        build confidence

·        develop your creativity and communication skills.


How much does it cost?

It is FREE for all young people and their community to attend this session. The project has been funded by Bristol Music Trust and The National Foundation for Youth Music. We have also been able to arrange for young people and their community involved in this project to benefit from concessions to attend selected shows at Colston Hall.


When & where? 

Knowle West:

Time: 2pm-4pm


Saturday 14 Nov 2015

Saturday 12 Dec

Saturday 16 Jan 2016

Saturday 30 Jan

Saturday 20 Feb

Saturday 19 Mar

Saturday 16 Apr

Saturday 14 May

Saturday 11 Jun

Saturday 9 Jul



Time: 10am-12pm


Sunday 15 Nov 2015

Sunday 13 Dec

Sunday 17 Jan 2016

Sunday 31 Jan

Sunday 21 Feb

Sunday 20 Mar

Sunday 17 Apr

Sunday 15 May

Sunday 12 Jun

Sunday 10 Jul


To find out the exact location and book a place ask your carer to contact: colstonhall@bristolplaysmusic.org.uk or they can call  0117 204 7126. Have fun!

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