Olympic Glory for Simone Fostered at age of 5

Olympic Glory for Simone Fostered at age of 5

So we hope that many of you have been following the  2016 Rio Olympics so many sports. Those gymnatic fans may have noticed our very own Amy Tinkler getting a brozne on the individual floor routiune and only 16 yes took her GCSE's before she went!

However the Gold medelist Simonie Bile out performed all the other athleates. Getting not one but 4 Golds. She has made the most of who she is and the things she loves and is good at. She was fosterd and then addopted by her materal grandparents at thr age of five becuse her mum could not look after her due to her strugggle with drugs and alchol.

Dream Big people be the best you can be aim high who of you will we see at the next olympics? Let us know what you enjoyed the most. 

Its not all over the Paralymics is set to start soon with many more talented athleates going for Gold.

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