Running man Raises Money for Anti Bulling Charity

Running man Raises Money for Anti Bulling Charity

Well why have we blogged this story? Its not really about being in care.

However the most visited page on your Rvoice website is the page about bullying. Also we made a bullying video with the members of the CICC as they felt it was an important issue for young people and wanted to help young people and teachers talk about it. 

So Ben Smith (Pictured) what a guy. He is from Portishead! He has his own personal story about being bullied at school. So as an adult he wanted to do something to help other people who have been bullied. So he started running and 401 Maratons later he has rasied a load of money to help others. Find out more on his webpage:

If you are experinceing bullying then please twell your Foster Carer or Socail Worker or Teacher or a Adult that you trust so you can get some help and support. 


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