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Care Leavers 



This part of rvoice website is for those of you who have now left care or are about to leave care. There is lots to see here but the most important thing is to know YOUR RIGHTS.  If you know your rights and entitlements you will feel confident about going up to the people who can support you let them know what should be happening in your life and what you are entitiled to. We hope that you find these pages useful you can contact us (contact details on the CLUB section) if you would like to see more or different information on this website. 

A good parent should make sure that their child grows up able to fulfill their potential as adults - to become the best version of themselves.  Becoming a young adult is an exciting and rewarding time but you can also experience difficulties along the way.  Just as  a parent woud stop and point a person in the right direction, the council (or the 'Corporate Parent') should and can do the same.  One problem is that wider society expects young people who are often vulnerable to be able live without support at a much earlier age than other people their own age.  Sometimes Care Leavers have to deal with things in their past which still haunt them and this often makes it hard to live independently at such a young age.  Many are able to thrive and do well but others do not manage so well.  We hope that these pages can help in some way.

The leaving care age is 18 , although young people can leave care from the age of 16.  All support from the local authority ends at the age of 25.  Many 16-17 year olds choose to leave care and look forward to not having anyone in authority telling them what to do or are not happy in their foster placement or at a residential unit but actually living independently may be much harder that they expected. Many can find themselves feeling lonely and isolated.  Thinking postively - individuals can work out problems, people learn to live with themselves and succeed and achive their  goals.  We all have difficult times in life and if you are right now remember everything changes and if you get good support and advice you can turn it all around.

What you might find really useful is to know your status as a care leaver. You can find out your exact status by following the link below on the CORAM website. The whole website is really interesting and great for knowing your status and rights as a care leaver.