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One of the CiCC drew this picture during one of our recent meetings.

Recently left care?



This section  is for those of you who have now left care or are just  about to.  It is very important to know your rights so you feel confident about asking the people who support you and let them know your wishes and what you are entitiled to. 


A good parent makes sure their child grows up able to be  a resposible adult and  becoming an adult is an exciting and rewarding time.  However all of us experience some  difficulties along the way.  Just as a parent woud stop and point a person in the right direction, the council (or the 'Corporate Parent') can do the same.  Unfortunately society expects young people, who are often vulnerable, to be able live without support at a much earlier age than their peers who have not been in care.  Sometimes care leavers have to come to terms with their past and this often makes it hard to live independently.  Many are able to thrive and do well, but others do not manage so well. 


The leaving care age is 18 , although young people can leave care from the age of 16.  All support from the local authority ends at the age of 25.  Many 16-17 year olds choose to leave care and look forward to going it alone.   Others  are  happy to move on from foster placements or a residential unit but find  living independently harder that they expected. Many can find themselves feeling lonely and isolated.   Individuals can work out problems, succeed, achive their goals and good support and advice can help you do this.


What you might find really useful is to know your status as a care leaver. You can find out your exact status by following the link below on the CORAM website. The whole website is really interesting and great for knowing your status and rights: