Where will I live?

There is a range of housing options open to you, including:

  • ‘Staying put’ – this means you continue to live in the same place as when you were looked after, but changed to take account of the fact that you have technically left care. This might happen for example if you have been in a long-term foster placement and your carers are happy for you to continue to live with them. You can read more about staying put in this leaflet from Catch 22 http://www.catch-22.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Staying-Put-FINAL-WEB.pdf
  • Supported housing – combining accommodation with support and opportunities for education, training and employment
  • Supported lodgings – living in supported lodgings means that you will live with people who are able to offer you a bedroom in their home, along with a low level of support.
  • Specialist accommodation – it could be self-contained accommodation with assistance and support if you have specific needs like disabilities or mental health problems
  • Independent accommodation – rented accommodation with support as needed

If you’re going on to study in further or higher education, we will support you to find accommodation in halls or other rented accommodation near college or university. We will also make sure that you have accommodation during the holidays.