My education

Your education is really important to help you in the future. Do you hear that all the time? Well – that’s because it’s true!!

It may not seem so important now but a good education at school will help you in the future to get a job, go to college or go to university.
Do you have any ideas about what you might like to do when you grow up and leave school/college/university? You could do anything you want if you set your mind to it... really, you could!!

More care leavers from Bristol than ever before are now at university.  They are studying to be doctors, social workers, accountants, architects, business people and other exciting professions! That could be you too if you work hard now at school and college. (And remember – working hard at school and college means you can still have fun with your friends – just that you have to do some studying too!).

The links below will help you find out what support is there to help you do as well as you can at school or college: