Education isn't just about school!

At your PEP you will be asked about the kinds of things you like to do outside of school. Often your carer will be the one who can take you to activities and help you find the right places to go. If there is a cost involved for equipment or coaching then there is money that your social worker can apply for to help with this.

Most places have websites where you can find out where there are groups or classes. In Bristol this is Rife Guide.

For a list of out of school learning opportunities that The HOPE Virtual School can help to support you with, click on any of the links below.


Out of School Hours Learning

Many young people have additional teaching outside of the school day.  

Extra support is also available through supplementary schools and community schemes. If you would like to access any of this tell the people at your PEP meeting and they will help sort it out.


Rewarding achievement

Often a social worker or carer or teacher will tell The HOPE’s Headteacher  about an achievement by a young person. Rachael (The HOPE's Headteacher) might then write to them to say “well done”.

Everyone deserves to be rewarded and their achievements celebrated. In the PEP form there are lots of opportunities to recognise all the great things you do in and out of school.



Singing and instrument lessons in school are free for children and young people in care.  If there is something you want to learn please tell the people at your PEP meeting.  The music service will lend your school an instrument.  It is probably best not to choose something like the didgeridoo as it could be quite tricky finding a teacher!


Have you joined your local library yet?  It's free and easy!

Children and young people of all ages are welcome throughout the Library Service and are never too young to become library members.

If you live in Bristol click here to find the nearest library to you. There are books, DVDs, computer games to borrow for free and a space for you to chill out and relax...

Did you know that there are fun holiday crafts and activities, children's book groups and homework clubs in libraries too!

If you do not live in Bristol your carer or school can help you find more information about the local library.


Aim Higher

Not enough young people who have been in care go on to Higher Education and attend university.  In Bristol we have more care leavers in university than many other places but we always want to encourage more young people to think about this.

The HOPE Virtual School's team work with people from the local universities to offer visits to the different universities and activities where student ambassadors come and meet up with you.  At the moment this is for young people living in or near Bristol but if you live further away The HOPE may be able to help you find something similar near you.

 Also many universities run Summer schools for pupils in Year 11 and 12.  Your school and The HOPE will have details of these and should be discussing with you at your first PEP in Year 11.