What is The HOPE?

The HOPE is Bristol’s Virtual School for children in care. It helps young people in care do as well as they possibly can with their education. The name ‘HOPE’ was suggested by a Bristol child in care as part of a competition run to find a new name for what was once just called the Virtual School. HOPE stands for Helping Our Pupils Excel.

The HOPE has a logo:

The HOPE has a Headteacher; her name is Rachael Pryor. You can see a photo of her on this page.  It is Rachael's job to ask the Headteacher at the school you attend for information about you and to make sure that each of you is getting all the support that you need. This means that she can see how you are getting on and whether you'd like any more support or help. If you do then she can help  organise this for you to make sure you are doing as well as you can.

 The HOPE has a blog on this website so you can keep you up to date with everything that is going on for children in care at school.

 We also have a leaflet to tell you more about The HOPE.

 We think that all the important information about your education is on this website, but you might like to take a look at Bristol City Council's children in care education website.