Health Assessments

Health Assessments are done when you come into care and at least once a year after that. They are carried out by a doctor or looked after children’s nurse (CLAN)   It shouldn’t be scary it’s a chance to check out how your health is and help get things sorted to keep you well . Also it helps to find out vital information about your health as you go into care, e.g., whether you may have certain allergies, asthma, epilepsy etc.

For more info about the health assessment watch  ……….CLAN  the movie  Click on the link below to watch

The Bristol CiC Council made this to let children and young people in care know what they think of health assessments.  The film was made with the help of Barnardo's, Reconstruct and Bristol's Children Looked After Nurses.

CONFIDENTIALITY and Your Health Assessment

Confidentiality basically means that 'only people, who need to know, should know' and you have the same rights as any other child or young person.
Usually as long as a health worker (, School Nurse 4YP worker, pharmacist ) is not worried about yours or someone else’s safety they do not need to share your information.

But sometimes it’s useful for others to know some things so they can look after you better. So– so after your Health Assessment a summary of the assessment & copy of a Health Care Action Plan (making sure that things that need to happen for you to have a healthy life do happen) is sent to your own doctor, your Social Worker & Children Looked After Nurses .You and your carer will also be sent a copy of the health plan.

BUT you should be told about where these things are sent before you have the Health Assessment in case you are not happy about some people seeing this information & then you can discuss those concerns about sharing the summary &  Plan  with the Doctor or Nurse who is doing your Health assessment .

ALSO …..  for those of you 16 17 or leaving Care we ‘ve introduced a Health Passport this gives you basic info about your health to take with you into adult life .We are working on getting this to you in electronic form: