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I get kicked out at 16

This rumour has been kicking around for ages. There is a persistent lie that says as soon as you hit sixteen you'll be given a sleeping bag and a bag of fruit and left to fend for yourself in the wilds of Bristol. Whilst this may have been true in the 1800's we've moved on a bit since then and you are not abandoned on your 16th birthday click here to find out what actually happens.

Chewing gum takes seven years to digest in your stomach

Surprisingly not true; the acids in your stomach are quite strong and will digest chewing gum quicker than that - however its really not good for you to swallow chewing gum. 

Do I need legal representation?

Only if something has gone really really wrong and needs immediate attention. Getting a lawyer involved in your life makes everything really complicated and we try to avoid it wherever possible, remember that your life shouldn't be an endless legal battle. However if you are unhappy about something it might be wise to click here to find out how to get someone independent who will help to stick up for you. An advocate can advise you on going to a solicitor and getting legal help - and take you there if you need support.

I'm in care and it's my fault!

No. Just no. Regardless of how strongly you may feel - it will never be your fault that you are or were in care.

Put a tooth in a glass of coke and it will dissolve overnight!

This simply is not true - regardless of how many teeth you can get hold of. It has never been true and whilst coke will eventually dissolve your teeth over a period of time, so will lots of other things. Still, it isn't good for you to drink too much.

Yeah and Coca Cola used to be crammed full of cocaine...

Now this one is true. Partly. There was a trace of cocaine in Coca Cola until 1929 but before you go sprinting off to the newspapers - it was only a trace amount. 1/400 of a grain per ounce of Coca Cola syrup and lots of things used to contain cocaine back in those days, including a lot of medicine - and an extra fact for you. Coca Cola was first marketed as a medicine.

All the workers in my life are fluent in a language I just do not understand!

It might seem that way sometimes but actually there are lots of verbal shortcuts that professionals use when they talk to each other. This happens in most workplaces but you might not understand. When you hear sentences like; "Is anyone from the Virtual School coming to the LAC because the PEP needs amending" you'll be glad to know it makes sense to most workers even if it doesn't make sense to you. You can use the 'what does that mean' section of this website to look for words and terms you don't understand and you can ask the workers in your life to stop using social work jargon.

Children in care are less intelligent than children who live with their Mums and Dads.

Quite simply and spectacularly untrue. Children in care are just as intelligent as children who live with their Mums and Dads. Being in care has no effect on how intelligent you are.

And here are some other myths you may be interested in:

False myths

  • The Great Wall of China is the only man made structure visible from space - False, several man made objects are visible space, even with the naked eye including the Egyptian pyramids.  A rumour started by James that astronauts could see the Bristol Council House from the moon has now been proven to be a lie.

  • Humans use only 10 percent of their brains - False, the truth is that you generally only use about 10% at any given moment, but the whole thing gets used at some point.

  • Adults don't grow new brain cells – False

  • Animals can predict natural disasters – False

  • A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's - There's no way to define "cleaner" that makes any sense.  And who ever checked that needs to get some help.

  • Lightning never strikes the same place twice - False, it actually tends to strike the same places repeatedly.

  • Seasons are caused by the Earth's proximity to the sun - False, it's the angle of the Earth's tilt in relation to the sun that cause Earth's seasons.