So what is this Pledge thing then?

A pledge is another name for a promise and The Pledge is a package of promises that Bristol City Council has made to each and every young person in care. 

Children’s Social Care Managers from Bristol City Council worked with the Bristol Children in Care Council back in 2010 to write the first ever pledge and the young people told them what they needed from a good parent. The Pledge was agreed and written and signed off publically in an official ceremony and you can see a film of this here. This was then updated in 2015.

Time moves on and the Pledge needed updating again so in 2018 a new group of Children in Care Council members helped  to refresh and update the Pledge and to make sure it is still relevant. 

So this is the new Updated Pledge ...


Signing the new Pledge.

What if I don't think people are sticking to the pledge

All the workers in your life should be sticking to the pledge. If you think that you're missing out on something that is in the pledge then you should talk to your social worker and see if you can get them to change things for you.

If things don't change even when you've spoken to your social worker then you might want to think about...

All of these things may help you and your social worker get back on track and help you be as happy, healthy and safe as you can be.