What’s the Children in Care Council ?

The Children in Care Council are a group of around 20 young people and their job is to represent all the children and young people that Bristol City Council look after. They are all different ages and have different backgrounds.

They usually meet once a month to talk about issues and to take forward topics to something called ‘The Corporate Parenting Panel’. This is a group of top managers from Bristol City Council as well as elected council members whose job it is to make important decisions about the lives of all children in care. It is their responsibility to then act and take the Children in Care Council’s issues forward.

The Children in Care Council  ( CiCC) is not all about meetings though. It is also an opportunity to do fun things and to get to know other young people in care.
 It is also about contributing to RVoice so if you have any ideas for this website or the magazine or if you are interested in joining the CiCC then please get in touch  yourvoice@reconstruct.co.uk

You can see updates on all the projects the CiCC are working on through RVoice where ever you live and you can have your voice listened to by getting in touch with us.